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First, it is extremely important to verify your domain with Facebook. Domain verification allows you to manage editing permissions over all of your links and content to help prevent any misuse of your domain. 

More importantly, domain verification helps you to ensure that only the rightful parties can edit link previews that direct to your content.

Apple has announced changes with iOS 14 that impact how Facebook receives and processes conversion events from business tools like Meta Pixel. To address these changes, Facebook will request permission through Apple’s App Tracking Transparency framework to measure conversion events occurring on iOS 14 devices. As more people opt out of tracking on iOS 14 devices, ads personalization and performance reporting will be limited for both app and web conversion events. A key impact of this change is that you’ll be limited to the use of 8 conversion events per domain for optimization and reporting.

Domain verification establishes which Business Manager account has the authority to configure and prioritize the 8 available conversion events for a given domain.

How to Verify Your Domain?

To verify your domain with Facebook, you just need to select the DNS Verification method, rather than the HTML File Upload. Facebook has a helpful page that walks you through the domain verification process here. It also includes an informative video, which makes it super easy to follow along.

Do You Have a Shopify Domain?

If you purchased your domain from Shopify, then you can verify your domain directly from your Shopify admin account. Simply navigate to Online store > Domains > DNS Settings. It’s super quick and easy. Here is an article that provides more depth on how to edit your Shopify domain’s DNS settings in case you run into any trouble.

If your domain was originally purchased through a third-party provider, then you will have to edit the DNS settings through that provider’s website.

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