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Is Lack of Technical SEO Hurting Your Rankings?

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Are you finding it hard to get the coveted #1 rank in Google searches for your targeted keywords? Or do you find it to break even into the first page results? Even after spending thousands of dollars on your SEO, are you not getting the desired results? If you are facing the same issues even after multiple revisions of content, the problem could be deeper than you think. Your website could have issues on the technical side. This aspect of SEO is called Technical SEO.

Technical SEO is Fundamental For Your Growth

Often the absence of results for your SEO efforts can be attributed to improper planning or even at the website coding level. This is why the SEO principles should be implemented at the code level. A designer designs the user experience or UX and provides the best design for your brand website. At the same time, a developer makes all the visual designs into a functional website. An SEO is a person who can make this operational website easily findable. This is why many leading organizations include SEOs even at the designing stage.

Site Structure is Important

A developer in a hurry might not find the right structure for the website. In fact, it is not under the purview of the developer’s work to think about the site structure. However, the lack of a proper site structure and haphazard development could affect your website negatively. While all the pages look exactly the way it has to, the URLs, the top-level pages, sub-pages, etc., all will be confusing at the code level. Proper structuring of your business website is important for easier ranking and better visibility of the website.

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Site Speed is Paramount

Another important aspect of technical SEO that most developers don’t concentrate on is page speed. If your website takes longer than 3-5s to load, then chances are that a user will move away. Unless you have a very convincing product that the user must absolutely buy, a longer page load speed is a deal breaker. There are many important things like this in technical SEO. A study suggests that for every extra second the site takes to load, there is an approximate loss of 7% revenue for the company.

Robots.txt & Sitemap.xml are Important for Your Website

Robots.txt & sitemap.xml are other important factors that many people forget to optimize. An improper robots.txt file could literally lock your website to the outside world. It is like building an excellent office for your business and closing the door forever and throwing the key away. So, always check these things before crying over the lack of SEO results.

Get the Best Technical SEO for Your Brand

Other than the above-mentioned aspects and factors, there are many important things that you should concentrate on for ranking your website. If you are unable to perform all these necessary actions, it is better that you find a reliable SEO agency to help you with these tasks.

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