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Integrating the Facebook CAPI is arguably the most important thing for you to do to prepare for the 2021 privacy lockdowns.

What is Facebook CAPI?

Facebook CAPI (or Conversion Application Programming Interface) is designed to help businesses maintain data privacy while still delivering personalized advertising experiences to customers and audiences. This is all done without having to rely on browser-based tools like cookies, which are slowly being phased out of the digital world.

How does Facebook CAPI Work?

The Facebook CAPI is a revamped version of a previous API that will allow businesses and advertisers to share key web and offline events and customer actions directly from their servers to the Facebook servers. Conversions API works with the Facebook pixel to help improve the performance and measurement of Facebook advertising campaigns.

Essentially, Facebook CAPI will help you pass data between Facebook and your online business, whether it be on Shopify, WordPress, Woocommerce, or anywhere else so that you can continue to optimize your advertising content in the face of the 2021 privacy lockdown.

How Do I Setup Facebook CAPI?

So, how do you install Facebook CAPI?

There are two different processes depending on which partner platform you will be linking: one for Shopify and one for WordPress, WooCommerce, and other CRM platforms.

If you have Shopify, the process begins on your own homepage.

  1. You will first need to navigate to the ‘applications’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen. From, here you can opt to install the new Facebook Sales Channel Application, and you’ll be on your way!
  2. Next, you will be prompted to input your Facebook Login information and Shopify will send a confirmation message affirming that you want to integrate your Shopify and Facebook platforms.
  3. After this, you will have to verify exactly what assets you want to direct to Shopify through the Facebook Sales Channel App. It is also vital to turn on Automatic Advanced Matching. This feature will ensure that Shopify passes all relevant customer information onto Facebook for user matching.
  4. From here, you can browse through all of the functions and features that Shopify will have access to. If you turn all of the functionality on, you will be able to effectively manage all of the activity of your Facebook account directly from Shopify.

Now that you’ve easily installed the Facebook Sales Channel App, it is time to enable the CAPI. Navigate to the Facebook Sales Channel on your Shopify and go to the settings. Then, click on data sharing settings to verify three important things.

  1. Make sure that tracking is enabled.
  2. Select ‘maximum’ from the tracking levels, as this enables the CAPI and combines all data tracking options.
  3. Confirm that your own pixel is connected to the app. If it’s not your own, disconnect it and you will be automatically prompted to link the correct one.

You’re almost done! The last thing you will need to do is return to the Shopify preferences page and remove the Universal Pixel ID. Simply remove this and save the settings.

You’re all set! It’s super easy to install and will help save your irreplaceable data from the 2021 privacy crackdown.

Facebook CAPI intergration for WordPress, Woocommerce, or other CRM platforms

  1. First, you will have to head to your Facebook business manager.
  2. Click the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner to reveal the drop-down menu. From there, select ‘Events Manager.’
  3. Choose the desired business from the list on the right and then the appropriate pixel from the ‘Data Sources’ section.
  4. Next, navigate to settings and scroll down until you see ‘Conversions API.’
  5. Under ‘Set up through a partner integration,’ you can choose a partner and select the appropriate e-commerce platform from the list that appears.
  6. Follow the simple set-up instructions and prompts so that you can install the plugin, verify your connection, set up events, and more until you have completed the process.

Although installing Facebook CAPI may not solve all of the problems associated with the coming privacy lockdown, it will help you maintain the all-important data tracking that informs your advertising and marketing decisions.

The integration is so quick and easy, there’s no reason for you not to do this right away!

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